Adventurer Steven Green has lived a life of intense, snap-second decisions, all from behind the wheel of a car. Green first made a name for himself on the NASCAR track, racing among the fastest cars the world has ever seen. Now, Green has a new passion: tornado chasing. Green made history as the first person to purposely drive a car into the eye of a tornado, and drive out the other side. Now, he wants to walk, solo, into the cyclone.

At CES, the world’s premiere technology trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Green explored the INDI One, and it’s safe to say he was impressed by what he saw. To Green, the INDI One is the ultimate storm chasing vehicle. The hefty 22-inch wheels, supported by a variable suspension system, keep the ride safe, even in ever-changing weather and terrain. The 360-degree camera coverage inside and out of the vehicle, as well as the live streaming capabilities of the vehicle, make it the premiere on-the-go content creation & distribution vehicle. To put it simply, the INDI One is made for adventures like this.

The motto of INDIEV is simple: We do cars, you do you. INDIEV is meant for people like Green: explorers, risk-takers, and creators. The technological integrations found in the INDI One unlock endless possibilities to mold and design your vehicle to perfectly suit your needs. Whether it be playing video games on the go, unlocking the power and freedom of the metaverse, or chasing down tornados, INDIEV is there to help #YouDoYou

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1 year ago

I just want to see his livestream from the indiev when he drives into the tornado 🤣

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