On August 17th, INDIEV unveiled our flagship Creative Studio, located at the first INDIEV Brand Experience Center in Beverly Hills! The INDI Creative Studio is meant to give artists, designers, and creatives from all backgrounds a shared space to collaborate, create, and best exemplify the You Do You spirit. The Creative Studio sits nestled inside the Brand Experience Center, giving visitors a totally unique experience, and a new way of looking at how your vehicle fits into your lifestyle. Rather than traditional showrooms that offer little to no experience outside of buying a vehicle, INDIEV aims to give users a glimpse into the You Do You mentality, and a place to express yourself to the max.

INDIEV invited Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse, Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Todd Johnson, and other members of the Chamber, local government, and Beverly Hills businesses for a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially unveil the INDI Creative Studio. After the ribbon cutting, INDIEV offered attendees test rides with our exclusive VR experience to members of the local community. Then, we took our VIP influencer invitees upstairs to introduce them to the INDI Creative Studio!

The INDI Creative Studio features green screens, matte walls, and photo ops designed to give creators the control to produce exactly what they want, all in one place. The INDI Creative Studio also features an editing suite for photo, video, and animation, as well as audio setups for listening parties, celebrations, and filming. The INDI One sits just feet away in the main showroom, giving creators a beautiful, unique vehicle to draw inspiration from.

Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse showing us how she embodies the #YouDoYou spirit!

All of this is nestled away in the INDI Space, INDIEV’s first Brand Experience Center. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, the INDIEV Brand Experience Center & Creative Studio gives unique insight into INDIEV and our brand, while giving creators and influencers alike a new space to create in, all in a historic and iconic LA location. The Studio is a place where you can be yourself and let your colors shine bright. The imagination here knows no bounds come visit the INDI Creator Studio and make your own story. 

Currently, the INDI Creative Studio is open to INDI Innovators, members of INDIEV’s new and exciting ambassador program. For those not yet a part of the INDI Innovators who are interested in using the INDI Creative Studio, please contact

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[…] leadership at Foxconn’s EV subsidiary met with INDIEV department heads at the flagship INDIEV Brand Experience Center in Beverly Hills. The meeting was hosted by INDIEV leadership including our Head of Engineering, […]

9 months ago

such an awesome event! go Indi!

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