Reservations for the INDI One are now available!

At our 2022 NYIAS Press Conference, we announced that reservations for the INDI One are now available. Be one of the first to see the redefined user experience the INDI One brings drivers, and reserve yours today! Reservations for the base model of the INDI One in Pearl White are only $100, with other colors and gift packages varying in price. Outside of our base model, all reservations are delivered in tandem with a custom gift set designed to embody the inspiration behind each of our 9 color options. More on the color and gift sets can be found on our reservation page.

Each color was specially designed by our team to embody a piece of living in LA, and our associated reservation gifts go along with these lifestyles perfectly. More options for customizability will be made available prior to delivery. Drivers can expect delivery on the INDI One to begin in Quarter 2, 2023.

To reserve your INDI One today, click here.

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