Meet Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC)

Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC)

Not just your typical onboard supercomputer, VIC allows riders to play the latest generation games, capture content while on trips with the car’s many interior and exterior cameras, live stream videos, and even shoot, edit and upload content to the cloud – all from inside the vehicle.

Digital hardware enables AAA gameplay, supported by a revolutionary open-sourced network and SDK for third-party development to offer unparalleled user experience.

Revolutionary Infotainment System

Dual 15.6” Screens

The INDI One possesses the power and functionality of advanced PCs into the car enabled by VIC. Streaming Netflix, having Zoom calls, replying to emails, all these are within fingertip reach on two 15.6’’ screens.

Hello HALO


HALO ADAS Warning System consolidates all directional driver-assist warnings into one place and makes them easily visible and recognizable.

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Bobby Bushell 02/09/2022
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