In 2017, INDI EV was born in Downtown Los Angeles during a lunch meeting with the people who would eventually become the founding members of the INDI family. Since then, the team has grown significantly, and it includes talented individuals from all over the world. Converging in the City of Angels, the INDI family bonded together and put forth their skills and talents to curate and design the INDI One. It was all for the pursuit of the next generation of personal transportation – a vehicle designed, from the ground up, to support the driver in all their endeavors.

As with many startups, our founding team has kept incredibly busy over these past four years. After countless late nights of hand-building the first INDI One prototype, endless multi-hyphenate job titles, and thousands of work hours from hundreds of passionate individuals, we’re excited to take these next steps with you.

We are who we are because of all the people who put their time, talent, and effort into the INDI One. Our team members come from all over the world, with backgrounds across countless industries, and unique skills making each member of our team a vital one. This, combined with the can-do spirits and positive attitudes they bring to the table every single day, has resulted in a wonderful, tight-knit family that will lead us to a better and brighter future.

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