At INDIEV we are motivated by female leaders before us and are committed to paving the way for a more inclusive future within the sector. Cars as we know them would not exist if it weren’t for women who quietly revolutionized the industry. Marie Anderson was a woman of many hats who saw a need for enhanced driver safety during bad weather conditions and took it upon herself to design the first windshield wiper. Although her invention was deemed impractical then, today the windshield wiper is a standard and necessary piece of equipment in any car. Margaret A. Wilcox was one of the first female mechanical engineers, having invented the car heater. Her legacy enables drivers to go long distances in cold weather, while maintaining both comfort and safety.  

INDIEV celebrates women’s history month to honor the achievements of women before us and draw inspiration to build from legacies. From moms to politicians, the list of women who inspire our team members is endless. We sat down with a few members of our team, and asked them which women they draw their inspiration from.

Our Marketing Associate Monty at our CES 2022 booth.

Our Chief People Officer, Star Kimm says her greatest inspiration is her mother, who exemplified great strength, resilience, and intelligence. Star proudly shared her mother’s journey “She was much smarter than me, she graduated from the Harvard of Seoul Korea, SNU. She came to America to have the freedoms she didn’t have in Korea. She has always had a can-do attitude and never let anything stand in her way”. Star carries her mother’s can-do attitude and leads the team with the same intelligence and authenticity she was brought up with.

When asked about her greatest inspiration, our Office Manager Chris shared a quote by Anne Richards: “Women, if you give us the chance, we can perform. After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels” This quote inspires Chris to have confidence in knowing that she can do anything she sets her mind to. At INDIEV we are all about innovation and recognize that the only way to achieve that is to have the confidence to try, fail, and try again until you get it right. 

Our Head of Marketing, Ellen, felt there were too many influential women to choose from but shared that single mothers in particular inspire her most. The ability to wear multiple hats which we see in single mothers is translated into Ellen’s work at INDIEV. Ellen’s willingness to meet any challenge that may arise and foster an environment that promotes growth within her department is an empowering trait.

Our Office Associate, Erinn told us she is inspired by US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Erinn told us that “despite her being a young POC woman in a male-dominated field, she is so powerful in her professionalism, spirit, and drive to fight for a more just society. I strive to have the same passion for others in my work and relationships and think that she is a great example of a woman making a difference.”

INDIEV is dedicated to empowering and learning from the women at the company and around the globe. Happy Women’s History Month!

Thanks to our teammates for telling us who inspires them.

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Bobby Bushell 03/08/2022
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