On Thursday, February 17, 2022, members of the South Pasadena City Council, South Pasadena Police Department (SPPD), and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) visited INDIEV’s headquarters and factory in Vernon, just south of Downtown Los Angeles. The team of local government officials and INDIEV staff met to discuss development of the INDI One, and how INDIEV’s unique design could pave the way for police agencies around the world to patrol, protect and serve their local communities in a better, smarter and cleaner way.

California has been at the forefront of electric vehicle legislation. In 2020, it was mandated that no new Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles will be sold in the state past 2035. Los Angeles’ City Council wants to accelerate that timeline locally to 2030. Reducing ICE vehicles on the road is an integral part of the AQMD’s goals, paramount of which is “to clean the air and protect the health of all residents in the South Coast Air District through practical and innovative strategies.

The City of South Pasadena has been on the cutting edge of green energy and mobility for years now, having recently upgraded their utilities provisions to give residents the option of 100% Green Energy in their homes, and being a local leader in integrating charging stations for electric vehicles. Mayor Cacciotti has been committed to converting gasoline and diesel fleets, especially law enforcement fleets, since his inauguration.  When members of the South Pasadena City Council and INDIEV were introduced to each other at the Los Angeles Auto Show, it was a logical next step to discuss the status of the INDI One, and the unique tools the INDI One has to offer.

The South Pasadena City Council is taking the lead in protecting not just their community but the health of the entire planet by recommending converting their entire fleet of gas and diesel-powered police cars to electric vehicles. A shift to clean energy from our local police departments can help inspire police departments nationwide to make the changes necessary to secure the future of the planet.

The INDI One is uniquely equipped to enhance the abilities and efficiency of police efforts. Not only does the INDI One’s proprietary platform and battery give the speed, power, and range necessary for police vehicles, but the integration of the VIC inside the vehicle gives officers access to the computing power they need, but much more conveniently and efficiently. Currently, Patrol Cars need to retrofit valuable cabin space with a mount and wiring system for a laptop computer and designing a regular EV with an aftermarket computer could prove deleterious for the vehicle’s battery performance. The INDI One’s battery systems were designed to handle the strain of using a high-performance computer, leading to no sacrifices in range while still giving access to the computing power necessary on the job.

In addition, the Indi One’s multiple smart cameras would provide unique solutions to age-old problems such as identifying criminals, license plates and ticketing. Having smart cameras inside and around the car increases accountability and helps promote safer and more efficient interactions for everyone involved.

It was a pleasure introducing Mayor Michael Cacciotti, SPPD Lieutenant Shannon Robledo, and members of their teams to the INDI One. Of course, supporting local businesses is always a goal for city governments.  INDIEV was founded and designed in Los Angeles and has always believed in their ‘You Do You’ philosophy empowering people, businesses and organizations to effectively take advantage of the INDI One’s next generation computing power to help better serve their needs. Locally designed and sourced, INDIEV is committed to working on unique solutions for the many growing needs of local government agencies leading the charge in the adoption of electric vehicles.  INDIEV is here to support our fellow Angelenos and help the city lead the charge into the future of electric mobility. 

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