On Thursday, July 7th, INDIEV attended a public works and utilities showcase held by the Southern California Public Power Authority in Vernon, California. Vernon is a Los Angeles neighborhood home to a wide variety of companies and industries, including the headquarters and R&D facility of INDIEV! At this event, INDIEV shared more details on our Born In LA roots, while officials from all over the state of California learned more about the City of Vernon, and even showed off their curling skills!

The event was organized by the Southern California Public Power Authority, a local agency focused on providing over 5 million Southern Californians with affordable, green energy, including the City of Vernon, and many other municipalities in the Los Angeles Basin. Members of the local community presented on Vernon’s role in providing renewable electricity to fellow Californians, and how companies like INDIEV fit into a future pointed towards clean energy and transportation. As an electric vehicle company, INDIEV is deeply invested in renewable energy options, and proud of these developments in our community. As Southern California continues to embrace electrification in personal transit, public services like a green energy network, public charging stations, and overall changes to the way we approach and consume utilities will be vital to our near future.

The event was held at the Southern California Curling Center, located in the heart of Vernon. The Curling Center has long been a west coast hub for fans of the sport, with teams from all over the nation, from youth teams to the U.S. Olympic teams stopping by to practice and play. Their team even helped out on a curling-centric episode of The Simpsons! The event was supported by a host of businesses local to Vernon, including General Mills, Bon Appétit, Glen Rose Meat Co., Roga Sake, and many more. After the presentations, members of the INDIEV team joined the state representatives in trying their hands at curling!

SCPPA's presentation to state lawmakers at the Southern California Curling Center.

It was great being able to showcase the strengths of our hometown, Vernon, and its commitment to serving the community and the future of green energy alongside SCPPA. INDIEV is proud to share the INDI One, the result of a tremendous hometown effort, with California legislators. INDIEV is dedicated to being an active member of our neighborhood, and supporting our local communities. Thanks to the Vernon Police Department for escorting us as we drove the INDI One across Vernon to the Curling Center!

The INDI One being escorted through Vernon by the local Police Department.
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