The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we view events and social interaction, and every day we see a continued shift towards digital experiences. The pandemic pulled us in close proximity to the people we live with and isolated us away from the ones we didn’t. INDIEV aims to fill the gap between our need to get out and socialize with others and the need to maintain a safe distance and promote the safety of our communities. Many football fans chose staying in and takeout dinners over heading to the bars for the Big Game, but the INDI One provides a new option. The INDI One empowers you with the digital tools to go out and stay connected while ensuring a safe space not just for you but everyone around you. 

The experiences we had going to our favorite bars and restaurants may not be the same, but the possibilities for new experiences are endless when you can stay connected anywhere you go. The pandemic has brought us closer to digital entertainment in our homes ranging from video games, television, or even endlessly scrolling on our phones to stay busy. From AAA gaming to live-streaming in the car, the INDI One provides a wide array of innovative, new social experiences.

How people can interact with the world has been revolutionized. The INDI One makes a change of scenery possible while still allowing total control over the driver’s experience. Whether it be gaming, surfing the internet, or streaming the Big Game, the INDI One is uniquely equipped to give passengers what they want to see, no matter where they may be.

The INDI One is now providing unprecedented choices to the world. There are options to leave the house and still safely enjoy the comfort of entertainment and the outdoors, a collaboration many thought would not be possible for years to come. The INDI One provides you with all the tools you need to adventure safely. The INDI One provides you with all the tools you need to adventure safely into the future. 

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