In the 1900’s, motion pictures became a staple of people’s entertainment diets worldwide. One Mecca for film production emerged: Los Angeles, California. To this day, Hollywood is still the heart of the entertainment industry, whether it be movies, television, streaming services, gaming or e-sports.

When designing the INDI One, we wanted to integrate the technology of our modern lives into a personal vehicle, all while building our Los Angeles DNA into the car itself. It’s because of this that we held such a particular focus on the entertainment options provided to INDI-ites inside the One.

To show off some of the many possibilities of the One, we gave a member of our marketing team a challenge: Watch one Batman movie starring each of the six main Batman actors in one sitting, inside of the INDI One.

In fairness, this challenge inside the One is a much more comfortable experience than in other cars. The INDI One’s interior has plenty of space, and the dual 15-inch screens inside the car give a much better viewing experience than other cars ever could. For drivers and passengers who want to try their hand at on-the-go moviemaking, the VIC (Vehicle Integrated Computer) is able to capture both interior and exterior video, and users can edit and upload video content all directly inside the INDI One without leaving their seat. 

After a grueling 13 hours inside the INDI One, our captive audience… tapped out, although in need of a bit of a stretch. Watching movies, even six of them back-to-back, is an easy task for the INDI One. The connectivity provided by the VIC, as well as the longevity provided by our proprietary 95kWh battery pack, help you empower the #YouDoYou spirit.

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Bobby Bushell 03/04/2022
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