INDIEV is proud to announce we are partnering with Global Green, a leading environmental non-profit based out of our mutual hometown of Los Angeles. In addition to upcoming collaborations and appearances, Global Green CEO William Bridge appeared at our April 13 press conference at the New York International Auto Show, and was the very first person to reserve an INDI One!

Global Green focuses on taking action now in order to secure a sustainable, comfortable future for our planet, while protecting nature and taking strides to reverse the damage we’ve already seen from climate change. With offices around the globe, Global Green has enlisted advocates like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dr. Jane Goodall, and John Paul Dejoria to spread their hopes for a greener tomorrow.

INDIEV is incredibly excited to partner with Global Green. For every INDI One reservation, a donation will be made to Global Green. These donations aim to support Global Green’s overall mission, as well as help establish programs to give back to our local LA communities through events like Green Workshops. We at INDIEV knew from the start that we wanted to create an electric vehicle that gave drivers more possibilities, while taking less from the environment around us. The most sustainable and effective way to improve how personal transport affects our own daily lives, as well as the planet as a whole, is to harness the possibilities provided by EVs to move away from fossil fuel pollutants. 

Together, we can focus on giving drivers the tools they need to have an innovative transportation experience no matter where they go, while actively taking steps to make sure that the planet we go out and explore today will be just as beautiful and healthy, if not moreso,  when our children follow in our footsteps down the line. We are very excited for our collaborations with Global Green!

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