In as early as the 1960s, programmers were attempting to twist and adapt the blossoming computer technology just coming into its own to create games. The earliest video games were very simple, and small in scale. However, as computing technology evolved and grew more empowered, games grew more complex and interactive.As arcade machines and, eventually, home video game consoles became commonplace, gaming took its first steps to becoming a mainstay of modern entertainment worldwide.

With internet speeds worldwide higher than they ever have been before and computers growing to harness tremendous amounts of computing power, gaming is still rapidly evolving. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games are more popular than ever, and the advent of blockchain technology opens up new opportunities for connectivity, innovation, and long-term financial value in gaming.

Fast forward to today, and the worldwide video game industry generates nearly $200 billion annually, making it by far the largest entertainment sector. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic interrupting the worlds of traditional entertainment (like television, film, and music), gaming has become both the present and the future of entertainment.

The desire to take gaming on the go, to give drivers and passengers the opportunity to connect both online and offline, was the spark from which the INDI One was born. While some modern EVs offered limited gaming for passengers, INDIEV knew there was more potential to unlock. The VIC, or Vehicle Integrated Computer, is a full desktop computer integrated into the INDI One, connecting directly to its dual monitors on the vehicle’s instrument panel.

Prototypes of the VIC feature an NVIDIA 2080 Ti graphics card, 16 GB of RAM, and a 6-core Intel i7 processor, but passengers can expect this hardware to be upgraded, even before launch. After, the VIC can be further modified and upgraded to stay on the cutting edge of home computing technology, and best serve each driver’s individual needs.

At the 2022 New York International Auto Show, INDIEV offered test rides of the INDI One publicly, for the first time ever. INDIEV also showcased demos of 3 separate VR games designed and developed specifically for the INDI One, based off of some of the biggest games on the market today, all live streamed to the official INDIEV Twitch channel – all powered by the VIC, no peripherals needed.

INDIEV’s virtual reality games are special in that they feature a level of synergy with the vehicle never before seen in onboard gaming, with the games flawlessly tracking and responding to the motion of the INDI One. Virtual Reality isn’t for everyone, however, the VIC excels with any and all games on the market. Visit INDIEV’s official TikTok account for a look at our audience’s favorite games on the VIC (and our marketing team’s incredible gaming skills).

In an always-online world, seamless connectivity is becoming more and more important, especially with the advent of Web3 and the metaverse. As the past few years of working from home and online schooling has shown, online interactivity through metaverse platforms, social media sites, and video game lobbies is an integral piece of our future together. Having access to these social channels on the go allows individuals to combine the best of their online and offline experiences, and help them move boldly and confidently into the future.

Data currently shows that potentially over 100 million people worldwide currently use metaverse platforms, whether it be child-focused sites like Roblox, or more niche platforms like Decentraland. Currently, users only have access to these sites at home, especially with integrations with VR headsets. This creates a schism between the user’s digital and physical experiences. Digital experiences are becoming more and more sophisticated, and more and more a part of everyday life. By giving people access to the metaverse on the go, whether through virtual reality or not, INDIEV gives users access to new forms of communication, and the ability to conjoin their online life and their offline life.

The way humans express themselves, and find meaningful emotional connections with their peers is changing. The metaverse is quickly becoming an integral outlet for self-expression and interpersonal contact, whether it be through video games, digital experiences, or online work. With the INDI One, you not only have the power to play the best games available, on-demand, from anywhere in the world; but those digital experiences can and will extend to become an important piece of our everyday online lives in the very near future. With INDIEV, #YouDoYou.

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[…] Foxconn staff also toured INDIEV’s headquarters and R&D facility. There, Foxconn staff were shown INDIEV’s proprietary engineering developments and concepts for future INDI vehicles, as well as given test rides in the INDI One with INDIEV’s proprietary in-car VR experience. […]

[…] This is particularly convenient for local commuters, as they can leave their car to charge while they shop or see a movie, and don’t need to stay with the car for the entire charging process. If a driver does choose to stay in their car while it charges, there’s no better way to spend that time than working, gaming, or enjoying the metaverse in the INDI One.  […]

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