As CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2022 comes to an end, INDIEV is just getting started. More than 40,000 tech and car enthusiasts attended the show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. INDIEV was front and center, showing off new details on the hardware and software that make the INDI One so special.

A taste of what there was to experience at the INDIEV CES 2022 showcase.

CES is known to showcase the best and latest upcoming technology, and the INDI One was no exception. Aside from the INDI One’s performance specs (300 mile range, 0-60 in 5 seconds, and 470 HP), its infotainment system and advanced driver assistance system made the INDI One a top contender that caught the attention of influencers, news reports and car enthusiasts alike.

A look at the INDI One’s sleek interior, centered around the revolutionary VIC.

We had the opportunity to show off more of the revolutionary utility and infotainment possibilities provided by our VIC, or Vehicle Integrated Computer. Whether it be livestreaming to viewers across the globe with our suite of built-in cameras & integrated stream controls, watching your favorite movies, or playing video games on the go, the VIC offers passengers endless opportunities never before seen in a personal vehicle.

The INDI One’s powerful VIC was the center of attention at CES, allowing users to rethink the way they view their vehicle. Not only can you access anything you would from your phone or laptop but during CES we shared our plans to use our supercomputer for cryptocurrency mining and blockchain technology integration, making the INDI One one of the first vehicles which could potentially generate revenue for the vehicle owner. 

Our Halo ADAS System was a major highlight for attendees. Based around our innovative steering wheel design, the HALO provides drivers visual and tactile warning cues directly in front of them to help keep drivers eyes on the road, with the INDI One being the first on the market to implement this sort of technology thus far. The HALO is incredibly important to our overall driver safety system, and we loved giving users more information on it at the show.

If a supercomputer in your car wasn’t enough, INDIEV hosted a VR demo just blocks away from the CES convention center, giving Vegas a sneak peek of the gaming capabilities offered by the INDI One. 

It’s no surprise that INDIEV was visited by some impressive car lovers such as Steven Green, the original storm chaser.  Steven Green was impressed by the INDI One’s car specs and INDIEV’s ingenuity incorporating live streaming capabilities from inside the vehicle. He was not alone in realizing the level of sophistication INDIEV incorporated in the INDI One’s features while maintaining the highest standards in engineering. 

CES was a labor of love from everyone here at INDIEV. We were able to showcase some really amazing technology, and show enthusiasts what makes the INDI One so special. We are so incredibly excited for the future, and to show off more of how INDIEV helps #YouDoYou.

For more on our journey to CES, make sure to check out our two-part CES documentary!

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1 year ago

Wow that VR experience looks super cool!

1 year ago

Very cool, wish I could’ve seen it! Looking forward to more info.

1 year ago

INDIev really taking driver simulator on a whole different level with the vr LOL

1 year ago
Reply to  Darren

Can you watch movies from the VR? That would make long road trips pretty fun actually.

author picture
Bobby Bushell 01/11/2022
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