For decades, karaoke has been a staple of nights out all over the world. Karaoke night is typically held at bars and seen as an opportunity to socialize in large groups. However, people often want to enjoy their love of music in a more intimate setting, and the INDI One provides countless ways to do so. 

With the INDI One’s Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC), dual 15’’ screens, and premium speakers, we now have the luxury to enjoy karaoke from the comfort of the car. ‘Car’aoke is just one of the many ways the driver and passengers can enjoy music from the INDI One. Whether it is creating a beat, recording a demo or sharing your newest single with friends and fans, INDIEV enables the You Do You mentality, no matter where you are. 

The INDI One is designed to enhance creatives’ abilities to stay connected to their passions anywhere they go. INDIEV understands that inspiration can strike anywhere because we are constantly inspired by the world around us. We have maximized the creative tools available inside the INDI One to ensure that no matter what adventure one finds themselves on when inspiration strikes there’s an outlet to create available. 

On Friday, February 18th, 2022, INDIEV welcomed music lovers all over LA as we hosted our first ‘Car’aoke night in our Beverly Hills showroom. We sang and danced the night away with friends and members of the community and we invited Robert Palmer Watkins, musician & star of “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” to host the event for us.

We held a competition to see who would be the inaugural INDIEV ‘Car’aoke champion, and our attendees did not disappoint. We were serenaded with some of today’s top radio hits, and karaoke classics that everyone knows. We were also treated to performances from some incredibly talented local singers, who saw the event as an opportunity to showcase and share their originals with the community.

INDIEV hosted a raffle where some lucky karaoke fans won exclusive INDI Gear. One special fan even won themselves a $500 Voucher to an INDI One! 

After an intense and emotional performance, Bianca Jazmine took home the custom INDIEV Karaoke Night trophy! We all had a great time singing, dancing, and laughing the night away, and we look forward to seeing you at the next INDIEV ‘Car’aoke Night! 

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Bobby Bushell 02/22/2022
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