INDIEV Brings 11 Vibrant New Electric Vehicle Colors Inspired by SoCal cities to the 2022 LA Auto Show


The Los Angeles Auto show just celebrated its 115th anniversary, and INDI EV is proud to have been a part of the electrification within the show. INDI EV offers car enthusiasts an alternate option for clean, connected, and personalized mobility. We at INDI EV are proud to be able to join in on the effort of electrifying not only the LA Auto Show, but also the entire world as EV’s will be in the homes of 300 Million people before the end of 2040 according to the International Energy Agency.

Being one of the largest Auto Shows in the nation, the LAAS built the foundation of the auto community in LA. Every year, friends and families travel from all over the United States to visit the Convention Center, connecting them all together physically and digitally as they share, like and post pictures about each new and innovative tech being announced and released. INDI EV’s INDI One is proud to be one of the catalysts that transforms the in-car experience by bringing even more connectivity to the people at a level that has never been seen before in an electric vehicle. We were thrilled to share this focus on connectivity in our car the INDI One with the LA Auto Show.

This year’s LA Auto Show is significant to INDI EV because it celebrates the LA community and our strong automotive culture. The INDI One was designed and brought to life with the LA lifestyle mentality and the “You Do You” spirit at its core. Last year’s LA Auto Show was the first public event at which the INDI One made an appearance. Looking back now, we are thrilled to share how far INDI EV has come since then.

The support from the LA community has been unwavering from the start. We were excited to celebrate and share our progress with the latest updates to everyone who visited our booth. Ever since the 2021 LA Auto Show, people were enthusiastic to learn about what our next steps will be. With the recent news of INDI EV going public, and our recent partnership with Foxconn, the 2022 LAAS served as a platform for us to update our followers from the local community. 

Our team at INDI EV had a wonderful time meeting everyone who came to our booth. Being able to see our endeavors coming to fruition through the smiles of everyone who came to see the INDI One filled us with inspiration and reminded us of why we first started this journey. We are glad to be a part of the SoCal and LA car culture. LA has always been filled with rich culture and will always be one of the best places to drive. The combination of the weather, food, people and the scenic roads of Pacific Coast Highway, makes Los Angeles the perfect place to be. 


We would like to thank each and everyone one of you who came to visit us at the show. We appreciate seeing both old and new faces and thoroughly enjoyed sharing the INDI One’s amazing features and our future plans as an independent electric vehicle company. And to those who reserved, thank you so much for joining the INDI Family and helping us bring even more EV’s into California for a cleaner future.


We look forward to seeing you again at the next event!

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    John Santos 12/05/2022
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