With the tragic news of a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas earlier this week, INDIEV’s hearts go out to those affected, and those affected by active shooter situations nationwide every day. Active shooter situations like this are on the rise nationwide. As such, many local police departments have instituted programs to help keep their communities safe and prepared in the event of the worst case scenario. Being headquartered in the City of Vernon in Los Angeles, California, INDIEV is lucky to be locally governed by a close-knit, dedicated government. 

Recently, Vernon Police Department reached out to local businesses in the area to discuss active shooter situations both from recent memory, and local to Vernon. Members of VPD also gave INDIEV staff valuable insight as to what to do in general in the event of an active shooter situation, and how to respond specifically if something were to happen at INDIEV’s Vernon facility.

Image courtesy of Penn State University Police Department

Vernon PD advised INDIEV staff to follow these protocols in the event of an active shooter: RUN, and call 911 when you are safe; if you can’t run then HIDE, and make sure your cell phone is silenced to avoid drawing attention; finally, if no other options exist, FIGHT like your life depends on it, and make use of any improvised weapons you can in your immediate area.

Many members of the INDI Family are former first responders, and helped communicate the necessity of this training to the entire staff. INDIEV is very grateful to VPD and the City of Vernon for their active and open communication, and taking proactive steps to keep our community safe.

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Bobby Bushell 05/29/2022
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