Earlier this year, we unveiled the INDI One’s integrated VR system with 3 separate game demos. The demos are adaptations of 3 widely popular PC games: Ark Park, based off of the award-winning Ark: Survival Evolved, PixArk, and ZCrew.

These games are designed with the INDI One in mind, with revolutionary proprietary technology that matches the motion of your in-game vehicle to the motion of the INDI One. The games read and react to the vehicle’s motion in real time. 

This perfect motion matching leads to two major advantages: 1). motion sickness, which is often caused by a disconnect between real-world and digital motion, is a thing of the past; and 2). the INDI One’s VR games are the most immersive experiences out there.

These games are developed on our proprietary Flexi 3D game engine, giving us more control, and the ability to push VR gaming to its limits. Powered by the VIC, these games offer 2160×2160 HD gameplay in each eye, producing over 9.3 million pixels at a 90Hz refresh rate. 

Having such powerful virtual reality integration unlocks major possibilities outside of just gaming, however. At the New York International Auto Show in April, we showed off how our design teams can use virtual reality as a design tool, meaning we can use the INDI One to design future INDI vehicles:

In addition, VR is one of many ways in which the VIC gives users the ability to access the metaverse, and wider Web3 utilities and entertainment options. INDIEV has already announced first details on blockchain integration inside the INDI One. With Web3 leading the conversation around the internet of the future, the INDI One being the first vehicle to gives users this integration is incredibly significant.

Whether it be gaming, meeting with friends and strangers alike virtually all over the world, or being able to access and work on the blockchain, INDIEV wants to give drivers and passengers alike more options for connectivity than any vehicle before it, with virtual reality being a cornerstone piece of the overall always-online package.

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