The multifaceted lifestyles of Angelinos inspired the INDI One. We based our colors on key LA lifestyle staples and decided to take it one step further by incorporating gifts that reflect the essence of Los Angeles alongside INDI One preorders! 

Whether you prefer catching a Lakers’ game in DTLA, cruising to Catalina Island, running into the latest Premier on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, chasing Sunsets at Laguna along the Pacific coast, or any other activity,  the INDI One adapts to you.

Each of the unique places in our beloved Los Angeles sparked a gift idea from INDI EV to you. 

Currently, reservations for the standard model of the INDI One can be made in Pearl White. Upon reservation, users will receive an exclusive INDIEV hoodie.

For our 8 other color options, reservations for the premium model are $400. Premium reservations include the hoodie, water bottle, and hat package as mentioned above, but each color will also come with a specially-designed gift, only available during this round of reservations. The colors and associated gifts are:

The standard model of the INDI One is currently available to reserve in Pearl White for $100. When reserving the premium model of the INDI One in Pearl White, users will receive the exclusive hoodie, as well as a limited INDIEV branded water bottle and hat for $200. Drivers can choose to upgrade their Pearl White reservation experience and add on a pair of limited-run INDI sneakers for a total reservation price of $400.

Each of these color and gift combinations is meant to embody our “You Do You” motto, and serve to embolden your lifestyle, just as how the INDI One does. Reservations for the INDI One can be made here.

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