Computers have revolutionized the way we think and interact with the world on a day to day basis. They enhance our ability to be productive, give us an increased sense of connectivity, and can be used to help us relax or stay entertained. However, there is a huge gap between the level of computing power currently available on the road and that which has become standard at homes or offices. INDIEV’s Vehicle Integrated Computer, or VIC, was designed to close that gap and create a bridge between the digital and physical world by empowering users with the latest computing power for any adventure. While nearly all new cars being sold have a digital display screen, most vehicles (between 69-76%)  still, at most, offer infotainment systems that connect to and are limited to the computing power of the user’s smartphone. The VIC takes it a step further. 

With Linux and Windows available at your fingertips, the VIC empowers you to do everything you do on your computer at home, but on the go. The VIC allows users to have instant access to emails, documents, social media and much more. Whether it’s sending an urgent work email or calling your family on Zoom, the VIC keeps you connected to all the things that matter even when you’re miles away from home. Currently, over 60% of drivers see major frustrations with the infotainment experiences designed for their car. With the VIC’s open source software and provided Software Development Kit (SDK), however, users have the freedom to mold their experience to be exactly what they want it to be. By putting the power in the hands of consumers, the INDI One removes frustrations caused by underdeveloped infotainment experiences.

The VIC is equipped with tremendous processing power, which grants users access to play any video game on the market, including AAA titles and VR games. Whether waiting for friends in a parking lot, or in need of a distraction for your children on a road trip, the VIC offers gameplay possibilities never before seen in a personal vehicle. For gamers seeking a more immersive experience, the VIC is compatible with INDIEV’s in-house VR developments, including games designed around the motion of the car. Currently, no car (aside from the INDI One) has the ability to present users with such experiences. The INDI One’s state-of-the-art technology allows these VR experiences to interact with the car’s motion and sync up perfectly, maximizing user immersion and comfort.   

While all modern personal vehicles have computer systems inside of them, these are overwhelmingly limited to running the car’s systems, like navigation and monitoring for maintenance needs. As electric vehicles have become the norm, infotainment systems have seen more focus. However, these systems are often significantly underpowered when compared to your computer at home, or even the cell phone in your pocket. Until the INDI One, no car on the market has ever included an open-source PC with this amount of memory, or its own dedicated graphics card.

From a hardware perspective, the VIC is unmatched in the processing power and connectivity it provides. As of now, the VIC is built out with an Intel i7 chip, 2080 Ti Graphics Card, and 16 GB of memory. The VIC also connects to integrated 5G systems inside the INDI One, so users will have a great connection no matter where they are. With this hardware configuration, the VIC can handle any task thrown at it with ease. These systems enable the VIC to handle so much more than the average vehicle’s infotainment system. The VIC can handle video editing and live streaming, music and 3D asset production, and even mining cryptocurrency and harnessing the power of the blockchain.

The INDI One’s supercomputer VIC is designed to better quality of life, and empower users in infinite ways. #YouDoYou

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    Bobby Bushell 03/09/2022
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