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The Interior Living Space Electric Vehicle Drivers Deserve


The INDI One was set to be an electric vehicle with a future-forward look, while maintaining beauty in simplicity. When development began on the INDI One in late 2017, INDIEV’s design teams wanted to produce a vehicle with a simple yet standout silhouette, and carry that design philosophy throughout the vehicle. 

From the deliberately placed ambient lighting systems to the instrument panel that holds the brain of the INDI One, the VIC, the INDI One was methodically designed to give users a clean, calming environment that allows the space and freedom for each user to to take full advantage of the space in a way that best suits their needs. 

When a driver or passenger enters the INDI One, their attention is immediately drawn to the instrument panel. Despite the unprecedented technological integration inside of the INDI One, the instrument panel is incredibly simple and sleek, and this extends out to the rest of the cabin. The instrument panel also sits very low. 

Alongside the panoramic sunroof window and long windshield, this has the simultaneous effect of making the vehicle’s interior feel more spacious, while also adding visibility for the driver. With the electric motors sitting along each axel, and the battery pack spanning across the bottom of the vehicle, a tremendous amount of space is given back to the interior that would otherwise be taken up in a gasoline-powered car.

With the sleek bezel attaching the two 15” screens to the instrument panel, it invokes the feeling that the screens are floating in space. This feeling can be felt throughout the interior. The ambient lighting placed throughout the electric car makes pieces like the armrest seemingly float into the interior space, and the center console rises up out of an otherwise clean front interior floor. 

The center console, just like the trunk space, also serves to provide utility to the driver and passengers, featuring power supply for phone charging and power for other peripherals, a huge storage and waste collection space, and insulation to keep drinks and other necessities cold.

This “floating” concept came from INDIEV’s desire to create a vehicle that pointed towards the future without overwhelming passengers by over-designing the vehicle. A major inspiration following this design decision was to take the digital technology of the VIC, and integrate that visually inside the vehicle. 

The HALO steering wheel takes design inspiration from a gaming controller, with dual joysticks serving to control the digital instrument cluster. Keeping the steering wheel uncluttered gives the steering wheel a sleek finish, while helping the HALO fulfill its safety and awareness functionality.

The high contrast two-tone interior serves to visually link the space to the instrument panel and create the feeling that passengers are in a vehicle of the future. Transforming a user’s vehicle space into their own personal spaceship of sorts gives everyone the opportunity to take comfort and control with them on the go. 

Practically, the two-tone trim allows drivers to opt for an elevated white seating fabric up front while having dark seating in the back for younger passengers and pets. This setup ensures a longer lasting, aesthetically pleasing interior for years to come. 

By maintaining a minimalist design in the cabin and focusing on prioritizing space for the user, the INDI One gives everyone the room to be themselves. The driver and passenger are given more space by implementing a variety of advancements that transform that area into a lounge space. 

From the floating instrument panel, which gives users all the digital tools they need within the car while avoiding bulky instruments, to the distance between the driver and passenger seats, attention to detail made it possible for the INDI One to provide an elevated ambience and maximize space and comfort for users. 

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7 months ago

All I can say is amazing ,and I can’t wait to get an Indi One !!!!

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