Staying focused and aware of potential dangers while driving is a matter of life and death. Distracted driving caused 3142 deaths in 2019.  At INDIEV, we understand the effort to improve driver and passenger safety never ends. While designing our flagship vehicle, the INDI One, safety was a top priority. Promoting a safe experience for our drivers, their loved ones, and everyone around them inspired our HALO ADAS.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, more commonly referred to as ADAS, are a young development in automotive safety. In fact, many drivers who don’t drive the newest and most expensive vehicles have limited, if any, experience with ADAS. ADAS systems were meant to integrate modern technology into cars’ wider safety systems. This most commonly takes the form of blind-spot monitoring and collision warnings. ADAS technology is incredibly valuable to today’s drivers, with the potential to cut fatal accidents by upwards of 62%. However, current iterations of ADAS systems are lacking. Most systems are slow to respond, spread warnings around different screens and mirrors inside the car, and aren’t intuitive enough for drivers to take full advantage of them immediately. 

These opportunities and room for growth are what inspired our HALO ADAS Systems. The system is centered around our HALO steering wheel: a patent-pending revolutionary safety feature designed to help keep drivers focused on the road. The HALO consolidates all hazard warnings and conveniently places them in front of drivers to ensure they receive signals as quickly as possible. Blind spot warnings take the form of directional lighting on the steering wheel itself, presenting potential dangers quickly in drivers’ peripheral vision. In the INDI One, drivers are made aware of what is going on around them not just through this traditional visual feedback, but also through tactile haptic feedback, with both of these warnings serving to keep drivers’ eyes on the road ahead, limiting the potential for distracted driving incidents. This system is more intuitive than traditional warning systems and allows users to react quicker to dangers around them. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a two-second delay in response can increase your chance of a collision by 40%. The HALO is designed to present drivers with all relevant information regarding the road around them, while at the same time allowing them to concentrate on the road in front of them.

For today’s drivers, safety is paramount when deciding what car to purchase. In fact, ¾ of consumers say that safety is very important in their decision making process. With the INDI One, we at INDIEV have worked tirelessly to ensure we provide drivers with an ADAS suite that is easy to learn, fast, and effective. With our HALO at the center of it all, our ADAS systems give drivers the information they need, all without taking their focus off the road ahead. The end result is a vehicle you can trust will get you where you need to go, and keep you safe while you do it.

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