When INDIEV was founded, our mission was clear: bring about the next generation of personal transportation by offering users unmatched customizability, connectivity, and computing power. Our digital experience is anchored by our revolutionary VIC, which gives passengers access to more processing power than has ever been seen in a car before. Similarly, the physical design of the car is built around comfort and customizability. One area of modern electric vehicles that could benefit greatly from more user control is the trunk space.

Trunk space is one of the most important parts of the interior design of a vehicle, especially inside a crossover. To give drivers more control over the usable space inside of their car, we developed our patented Click and Lock system. The Click and Lock system features a series of rails built into the floor and side walls of the large back trunk of the INDI One, which measures out to 43 cubic feet of space. With these rails, users can employ tools developed by INDIEV to customize their trunk space. 

Car trunks are designed to enable users to carry all the things they need to bring home and everything they couldn’t bear to leave without. The versatility of the INDI One’s trunk space allows users to maximize their space and never feel they’re missing anything. The responsible pet owner can create a pet pen to safely and comfortably bring their furry friends along every adventure. The busy parent can create shelves to transport groceries, soccer uniforms, backpacks, and science projects all in one go. Artists can bring all the supplies they need to create no matter where inspiration strikes and foodies can even transform their trunk into a fully functioning kitchen set up. The possibilities are endless with the unique customization features in the INDI One.

Our Click and Lock parts, like the VersaShelf we demonstrated first at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, are 3D printed parts, driving down costs and production time. This also gives users the ability to design and 3D print their own trunk parts. The Click and Lock allows drivers to choose exactly how much they want to change and customize their trunk. Whether they want to leave it as is, or alter every square inch, the INDI One’s Click and Lock is another in a long list of features designed with the user experience top-of-mind.

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