At the 2022 New York International Auto Show, alongside opening reservations for the INDI One, our Head of Battery Systems Tom Gage called in from Los Angeles to give deeper insights on our proprietary platform and battery systems, which we call the INDI Base. The Base was developed in house at our headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles alongside the creation of the INDI One.

In an electric vehicle, the battery is the single biggest, heaviest, and most expensive part of the vehicle. The battery’s capacity, charge time, and resilience is critical to the overall success of the vehicle. Our battery systems team, led by industry veteran Tom Gage, took great care to make sure that our vehicle’s heart gives our platform the power and reliability it needs to be a truly great vehicle.

Our battery pack is made up of cylindrical lithium-ion cells, arranged in a double-stack pattern. The pack’s size can be changed easily, with the INDI One offering 75 and 95kWh versions without significant changes to the overall engineering design. The pack lies at the very bottom of the vehicle, which keeps weight distributed evenly across the vehicle, ensures a low center of gravity, and allows for more usable interior space. This is compounded by the large wheelbase, which sits at 3000mm.

The battery feeds directly into our motor system. Whether drivers choose the single-motor RWD option, or the dual-motor AWD configuration, the vehicle produces tremendous power, straight to the stock 21-inch wheels on the INDI One. The single-motor configuration gives 275hp, and a 0-60 time of 6.7 seconds. The dual-motor option provides 475hp, with a 4.2 seconds 0-60 time.

The INDI Base was developed to be an organic, strong skeleton and heart from which the rest of the vehicle can grow on top of, adapting to different needs, but always providing enough strength and support to ensure safety and effective, efficient driving. As hinted at during the New York International Auto Show, the INDI Base will be used for future models after the One. This gives our talented engineering teams more control, and a leg up on the development of future INDI vehicles. A strong vehicle demands a strong skeleton, and drivers can rest assured with the INDI Base supporting their ride.

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