This past weekend INDIEV visited the city of Long Beach for Electrify Expo! Electrify Expo is one of the biggest events for e-mobility in the country, with events all over the United States. Electrify Expo aims to help speed up the transition away from fossil fuels by familiarizing people with cleaner mobility options. INDIEV was excited to present visitors with a car option that not only enhances their in-car experience, but is also more sustainable for our shared experience on the planet. 

Local car enthusiasts, families, and Long Beach community members were impressed by the INDI One’s specs, safety features and aesthetic. Our team paid attention to every detail to offer top of the line performance, exclusive patented safety features, and customizable ambience features to set the mood for all your adventures!

With the VIC, the INDI One provides reliable and sustainable transportation but also gives drivers and passengers so much more. During the show, we showcased the power of the INDI One’s Vehicle Integrated Computer by demoing our set of exclusive VR games, showing off the INDI One’s beautiful interior, and spreading the ‘You Do You’ mantra to our fellow electric mobility enthusiasts in Long Beach.
In addition to our family-friendly activities, INDIEV handed out some exclusive merchandise, including some merchandise that is exclusive for users who reserve their INDI One! We had a great time at Electrify Expo, and can’t wait until the next time the show is in town!

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Bobby Bushell 06/06/2022
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