At INDIEV we believe that individuality and diversity are at the heart of innovation. We have the luxury of being based out of one of the most diverse, unique cities in the world, and see the progress and creativity that comes from honoring our differences on a daily basis. 

We value unique mindsets and ideas which are only possible due to our distinctive backgrounds and upbringings. That is why INDIEV is dedicated to building and maintaining diverse representation within our community of talent. The INDI Family is fortunate to have team members from all over the world with backgrounds in various industries helping broaden our horizons and bringing the INDI vision to life. Through our widespread backgrounds, histories, and experience, each member of the INDI Family is able to tackle whatever challenges may come our way. Our teams face these challenges with unique perspectives, and the tools and power necessary to make changes for the better.

We work with a widespread group of global suppliers to promote an inclusive marketplace, and are dedicated to serving our communities by making our products accessible and affordable. While INDIEV is committed to delivering the most innovative technology in the electric vehicle segment, we believe that access to green technology and digital tools are currently inaccessible to many, and we aim to change that. Our affordable pricing strategy is reflective of our adherence to accessibility across the diverse communities we intend to serve.

INDIEV is committed to cultivating diverse and inclusive teams while fostering a culture of belonging and empowerment. Traditionally, the automotive industry has been male-dominated throughout departments, with upwards of 70% of all automotive employees being male. INDIEV is built on employees from all over the world that are now in leadership roles. Our leadership roles see gender parity across departments, with our leaders coming from all over the world. 

We require new employees to undergo both bias and sexual harrassment training to ensure a respectful, informed workplace. We also believe that performance, not gender, defines a dedicated employee.

In our hometown of Los Angeles, INDIEV celebrates our team members’ unique backgrounds through our multicultural potlucks, family gatherings, and community and staff events. Online, we work to highlight new voices in the local community, as seen in our partnerships with the likes of Hip Hop Science Show, Joao “Soft Glas” Gonzalez, and Yena Kim. Our motto is YouDoYou, and we are dedicated to using our platform to embody the spirit of the vast, unique culture of the people of Los Angeles, no matter where we go.

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Bobby Bushell 03/03/2022
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