Control Systems Engineer



Perform vehicle control function development for battery electric vehicle. Focus on vehicle control unit (VCU) software design, integration and testing. Develop control algorithms and logics for vehicle operation mode, motion control, energy and power management, health monitoring and fault management etc. Ensure vehicle and system level function and performance requirements are satisfied.


  • Collaborate with various departments to work on vehicle control requirements. Determine vehicle control function and performance target.
  • Design and develop the control algorithms and logics of vehicle control unit, including vehicle mode and mode transition, vehicle motion, powertrain operation, charging, DC/DC conversion, energy management, system health monitoring, fault handling, and communication, etc.
  • Perform control system integration with the support of suppliers and engineering service partners. Perform function verification for the electric powertrain system and major components including electric drive unit, on board charger, DC/DC converter, power distribution unit, and charge port etc.
  • Collaborate with related departments to ensure safety, compliance, efficiency, and cost etc. Ensure the control function design and testing results meet vehicle requirements.
  • Create control design, implementation and testing documents. Summarize the technical and development process status on a regular basis and report to management.


  • B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, preferably in control systems or related field.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in design, development and testing of vehicle control functions.
  • Knowledge of motor, inverter, battery, charger, vehicle dynamics and control theory. Good experience with model-based development and understanding of the development process of control functions.
  • Experience with vehicle communication networks. Working knowledge of diagnostics and communication tools.
  • Working knowledge of DFMEA, functional safety analysis, ISO 26262 etc.
  • Good verbal and written language skills.
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively in a cross-functional team environment.


Other than offering endless snacks and coffee, we provide our people with full medical, dental, and vision benefits. Work/life balance is also key, so we offer solid paid vacation time. All jobs are located onsite at our HQ in Los Angeles.

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    INDIEV Recruiting 12/09/2021
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