During World War II, manufacturing plants in Los Angeles transitioned away from producing consumer goods in order to cater to military production. Before the war, Los Angeles was home to manufacturing plants for some of the biggest car companies in the US. The auto industry played a huge role in Los Angeles’ development and economy. It gave Angelinos jobs, was a catalyst for the development of the city, and was an integral component of Los Angeles culture. Now, nearly a century later, electric vehicles are leading the charge in returning auto manufacturing to Los Angeles, with over 120,000 workers in the EV sector based in Southern California alone. 

INDIEV is proudly born in LA and we are excited to help bring the auto industry home. 

Headquartered in the Heart of LA

Our headquarters are located twenty minutes away from downtown LA in the manufacturing district of Los Angeles. Our team of INDIneers consists of a diverse and talented group of Angelinos from all walks of life who are working together to give our hometown Los Angeles the next generation vehicle. The city’s innovative spirit inspired INDIEV to create a unique and high-tech car that equips users with all the digital tools they need to navigate the city and beyond.

We introduced the INDI One to the world at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, and the love from our neighbors blew us away. We met with local legends, content creators, and even civil servants like 1st District Supervisor Hilda Solis, to overwhelmingly positive feedback. Our fellow Angelinos saw what we saw – our mission and design slot in perfectly with the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles life.

LA, Sustainability, and INDIEV

INDIEV is dedicated to supporting the LA community and the city’s goals. Los Angeles has set an objective that by 2035 all new cars sold must be electric or zero emission vehicles in order to reduce the level of smog pollution in the air and the risk of wildfires that arise from toxic diesel emissions. As a 100% electric vehicle company, INDIEV is adamant about normalizing renewable energy sources and adhering to eco-friendly policies that benefit the entire community. 

Authentically LA

We are incredibly proud to have Los Angeles as our hometown. For centuries, Los Angeles has served as a beacon for travelers, immigrants, and adventurers. Whether it be the early industrial years of America, the beginnings of Hollywood, the explosion of personal technology and online opportunities, or even electric vehicles, Los Angeles has been the place to be for America’s innovators, self-starters, and entrepreneurs. 
The INDI Family came together from all over America and all over the world, to build this company in our home of Los Angeles. Development on the INDI One began in DTLA, and we’re proud to have seen that process through to assembling our flagship vehicle in that same Los Angeles factory. Our focus always has been, and always will be, on putting our community first through outreach, partnerships, and holding events with our local community. We are in love with our hometown, and cannot wait to begin production on our flagship vehicle right here in our DTLA headquarters.

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