Abiodun Koya: Embracing The ‘YouDoYou’ Spirit With INDI EV


Abiodun Koya is a classical singer, poet, storyteller, and human who has been embodying the “You Do You” mantra from a young age. For her, “You Do You” means having the freedom to follow her creativity, passions, and hobbies while inspiring others and bringing light and joy to their lives.

Abi’s journey started in Nigeria, where she worked hard to create opportunities for herself. With her father’s guidance, she honed her natural singing talent and credits her family’s support as a huge contributor to her success. But it wasn’t just her family that inspired her. Abi’s greatest hero is Freddie Mercury, who she feels transformed the music industry by bringing together different genres and creating something unique. As a classical singer, she looks up to his raw talent, vocal range, and bold and fearless nature.

For Abi, tenacity is the most important quality for success. She believes that true artists must carry on despite obstacles, even in the face of rejection and challenges that come with artistic careers. Despite the difficulties, for true artists such as Abi, expressing herself and sharing her story are non-negotiables. Abi has remained true to herself as an artist and created a space for self-expression while staying connected to her roots.

Abi honors her origins by giving back to her community. Abi prides herself in “being a voice for the voiceless and just helping the vulnerable”.  She started a charity organization that provides educational opportunities for girls and women in Africa, empowering them to discover their own passions and become their best selves. Her dedication to her community and her art is truly inspiring. 

Abi’s goal is to continue sharing her gift and story with the world. She envisions herself traveling around the world and singing for hundreds of thousands of people. She hopes to use the INDI One to spread her message to other artist to “stay true to their “You Do You’ spirit and pursue their passions in life”. Abi’s journey serves as a reminder that with hard work, determination, and a commitment to being true to oneself, anything is possible.

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