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A Futuristic Vision For Car Owners


With the advent and widespread adaption of blockchain technology, the future of decentralization and distributed ledgers have arrived. At INDI EV, we pride ourselves in our expectation of a digital future where vehicles have become devices with which individuals can pursue their own passions beyond current expectations. We seek to find a medium using today’s technological limitations to create space that can be both one’s most personally customized space as well as one’s most social space. 

In pursuit of our mission, we looked at the latest emerging technological trends as applied to our vehicle’s strengths and realized that we had a great way to integrate blockchain technology directly into our vehicle. Our vision is that the INDI One vehicle can enable a new type of dynamic blockchain. In each INDI One vehicle equipped with our Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC) system, we plan to enable the ability for the unit to act as a node for a blockchain. This means that with every unit sold, there is potentially one more node on the chain. With our large volume delivery timed for 2023, we expect our blockchain to surge in nodes in a short time. 

The impact of this will be that every vehicle purchased an option to participate in the blockchain ecosystem. Every vehicle could potentially earn revenue from passive participation as a node in the blockchain. This will enable every user, driver, and owner to benefit from all transactions occurring on the blockchain. Using smart contracts, every node on the blockchain can receive a portion of transaction fees from all transactions on the blockchain. To support this, we will be issuing our own token in the near future. We will release more information about this soon.

Here are some practical use case scenarios for revenue generation with your INDI One vehicle. Just by turning on your car every day and participating in the decentralized ledger, you will receive a daily share of transaction fees from activity on the blockchain. Our own automotive APP store will also utilize this blockchain, making all transactions from our APP store a contributing part of the overall revenue share from blockchain participation. NFTs minted on our blockchain will also contribute to the share, as will each resell of the NFT. We envision a society where your vehicle is not a financial burden, but rather a source of income that generates wealth for you. 

At INDI EV we strive to walk the walk. We believe in a future where technology drives you, while you pursue your interests. Whether you’re a lone wolf or one looking for a pack, we want to provide the freedom for you to choose. This idea of ours will allow all owners of INDI EV to generate passive income while going about their everyday lives. Simply by entrusting INDI EV with your purchase, you will be contributing to a technological movement while receiving financial benefits from simply owning an INDI One.

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    John Santos 01/04/2022
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