The INDI One is unlike any other electric vehicle on the planet. From VR games to the most practical and customizable interior on the market, the INDI One is incredibly unique. Here are some of our favorite stand-out features from the INDI One.

Content Creation

The INDI One is equipped with an array of cameras inside and outside the vehicle giving users the power to effortlessly and safely film content on the go. The ergonomic design of the INDI One’s built in camera makes capturing footage innate, so drivers can focus on the road while recording. In addition the INDI One’s VIC supports editing software and social media apps providing users with the power to edit and upload captured footage from inside the vehicle. 


Empowering users with the digital tools needed to stay connected anywhere the road takes them is paramount. The INDI One is prepped for 5G connectivity to create wide ranging better connected communities across any distance. Passengers can use 5G connectivity within the car to reach their loved ones, access social media, and even connect with other INDI Ones on the road to play games.

VR in the car 

Alongside our suite of content creation opportunities, the INDIEV allows passengers to play the biggest game releases out there, including virtual reality games. At CES 2022, a few select guests were able to experience our VR demonstrations. We have designed a special proprietary software that perfectly links the motion of the INDI One to the digital motion presented in the VR game. This allows our VR experiences to interact with the world around it as the INDI One drives. Additionally, these systems effectively eliminate motion sickness in VR users, leading to a comfortable and deeply satisfying gameplay experience. With open access to the world’s largest game marketplaces on the VIC, the INDI One provides a gameplay experience that users cannot find anywhere else.

Driver-first Design 

The INDI One was designed from the ground up to prioritize user experience throughout. The interior of the vehicle is spacious enough to seat 5 comfortably. The interior design is simple and elegant, focused on a black-and-white two-tone scheme with highlighted orange accents. The vehicle’s panoramic sunroof lets in plenty of natural light during the daytime, with the One’s ambient interior lighting array slowly rising in luminance as the sun goes down, ensuring drivers and passengers always have good interior visibility and a comfortable experience. 

The INDI One was designed for movers and shakers, people who need to be ready for whatever life may throw at them. The 43 cubic foot trunk space comes equipped with our Click and Lock system, which allows drivers to use 3D printed parts to build out gates, shelves, and more. This allows drivers to transform their trunk space into a workstation, long-term storage, and whatever else they may need. From top to bottom, the INDI One was designed to give users a premium, comfortable experience, as well as the tools to make that experience exactly what they want out of a car.

Safest Ride in Town  

Safety was a top priority when designing the INDI One. It all started with our platform, a steel chassis designed in-house at our Los Angeles headquarters. The chassis is made of steel, which makes it incredibly strong and long-lasting. On top of that, the INDI one has a powerful stance with great visibility, giving drivers a feeling of security, while also keeping them informed of the conditions of the road around them. 

Our commitment to safety starts with the hardware our vehicle is built on, but it does not end there. Our driver assistance system, named the HALO ADAS, is like no other on the market. The HALO is centered around our unique steering wheel design. Directional lighting and haptic feedback systems are built into the circumference of the steering wheel, which allows us to move Blind Spot Monitoring and other collision monitoring away from mirrors and screens, like traditional ADAS systems do. Instead, our HALO steering wheel gives drivers these warnings in their peripheral vision. When combined with the haptic feedback, our HALO ADAS is an incredibly intuitive system that clicks with drivers on their first ride. The ease of access to this information gives drivers these warnings faster than ever, and keeps drivers’ eyes on the road ahead of them. 

These systems, combined with our camera systems offering things like sentry monitoring and baby cam monitoring, lead the INDI One to being an incredibly safe, comfortable ride, no matter where you are.
The INDI One is an incredible, unique vehicle. With unmatched connectivity and control, the One empowers drivers and passengers alike to embrace their most creative, authentic selves. Our motto is You Do You, and the INDI One’s unique feature set and tailored user experience is the perfect embodiment of that lifestyle.

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1 year ago

I am waiting for this car. Seriously, I have a 2006 Prius and what’s one more year if I have to wait for the perfect car.

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