On Wednesday, April 13th, INDIEV held our first ever press conference during the media preview day of the 2022 New York International Auto Show! We dove deep into the philosophy, design, and engineering behind the INDI One, and INDIEV in general. Our Head of Design, Andre Hudson, led the press conference. Andre has headed our team of incredibly talented designers for over 3 years, and was able to give viewers some great insights regarding how the INDI One came to be.

As we discussed in our press conference, the majority of drivers feel underwhelmed by the experience of driving and riding in a modern electric vehicle. With the new possibilities that EVs provide, as well as how much time people spend in their vehicles annually, users ought to have the tools to better integrate their online and offline lives into their daily travel. INDIEV aims to bridge the technology gap seen in modern personal transport, and give passengers those tools.

The VIC is the heart of this design choice, and transforms the INDI One into a digital toolbox. However users want to integrate their way of life into their daily driver, the VIC empowers users to stay in-the-know, and ready for anything. The VIC has the processing power to play any video game on the market, transform the INDI One into a mobile content creation powerhouse, and even have a bit of fun, as shown off by our integrated VR demo (which NYIAS attendees can try out for themselves at the EV Test Track).

Additionally, our Head of Battery Systems Tom Gage joined Andre virtually to speak more on the hardware of the INDI One. Tom is a legend in the EV world, having a major hand in creating the battery infrastructure that put EVs on the map. Our battery pack and platform were designed entirely in-house. This gave our engineers total control over the INDI One’s development, and made sure that there were no compromises in quality, range, or safety. Tom also revealed our plans to use our battery and platform as the starting point for future INDIEV models, giving us a bit of a head start!

Andre was then joined by Global Green CEO William Bridge for a very special announcement. INDIEV is now accepting reservations for the INDI One, with William as the very first to reserve our flagship vehicle! Additionally, a portion of every single INDI One reservation will be donated to Global Green, and help their mission to support our fellow humans, and the planet we call home. To end the conference, our old friend Menswear Dog made an appearance, and Bodhi looked so stylish with the INDI One!

‘You Do You’ is our motto at INDIEV, and that phrase has carried us from our earliest ideas to today. Top to bottom, the INDI One was created to become a part of your lifestyle, and adapt alongside you to help you express your best self. Many thanks to Andre, Tom, and William for hosting our press conference, and thanks to the entirety of the INDI Family for their hard work in getting us to where we are today. Reservations for the INDI One start at $100, and can be made at our NYIAS booth, or right here on our website. 
A full transcript of our press conference can be found alongside our Digital Media Kit, which can be accessed here.

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